Optionally, you can load and edit previously created ballot information:

General Ballot Information

If the ballots are to be scanned with an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) machine, then you will need to select an OMR system and probably also a template file for the registration marks.

Races / Referendums (or Plebiscites or Initiatives)

Ballots can have multiple races and referendums. Use the button on the right to add each of the races and referendums that will appear on this ballot.
You can reorder the Races and Referendums by dragging them into new positions. You can edit a Race or Referendum by clicking the edit links.

Access Ballot is part of the Access Vote project and is Open Source.

Fields with a * are required.

Add candidates/options to this Race/Referendum below. As you add options they were appear in this box.

You can reorder options by dragging them into whichever position you require.

Welcome to the AccessBallot webform (still under development)

This application is still a bit rough around the edges but if you're willing to use it in an actual election; I'm willing to dedicate the time to help you create a 100% compliant ballot.

The purpose of this form is to allow users to easily create ballots. This software is Open Source and the ballots it produces are free. The paper ballots can be optionally used with OMR machines and produces ballots that comply with multiple governmental election standards, Tablets can be used for touch screen voting, and the web based ballots are HTML5 compatible and can be accessed via most browsers and web enabled devices.

Simply fill out the form and click the "Generate Ballot PDF" button at the bottom of the page to generate your ballot.

This same form will soon be able to generate touch screen and web based ballots.

Also; the AccessBallot application has an XML based API that will allow any application to plug into the ballot generating software and generate ballots directly.

Notice: This is the alpha release of the Access Ballot Web Form and is still under development and in testing. For further information please feel free to contact Stephen Akins.

If you would like to see a demonstration of the form using example data; then click here.